“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi


At least one point in our lives we wonder how we can make an impact on someone else’s life. How can we make a difference? Can we really change the world? These are questions we ask ourselves probably now more then ever. But the answer is YES! We can make a positive impact and change the world together. With Got Your Back Uganda we are fighting to make sure every child earns the education they deserve. No child should have schooling taken away from them due to poverty. Got Your Back Uganda is funding ways to cover student fees, donating to the schools, Saint Monica's Nursery and Sewing Hope Primary School, and providing school supplies to children so they are prepared to learn and earn their education. This nonprofit focuses on making a personal connection through the sponsors/ donors and students by sending pictures and updates on the students and their success. Lets all have the student’s backs and give them a gift that will last them a lifetime...education!


We are working directly with Saint Monica's Nursery in Gulu, Uganda and Sewing Hope Primary School in Atiak, Uganda. All student sponsorships will support the students at both schools, and 100% of donations will go towards each school as well.