In the 1980s, Joseph Kony and the Lord Resistance Army struck Uganda and other surrounding countries with terror. Thousands lost their lives, while others were abused, forced to become rebel soldiers, and forced to become child brides. This terror lasted for about two decades. In the midst of the chaos, there luckily was some light at the end of the tunnel. One of these lights was a woman named Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe. During the war, she saved hundreds of girls from being abducted, abused, and even murdered by the LRA army. Once the war ended, Sister Rosemary’s work continued on. She decided to open a vocational school in Gulu, Uganda for girls who were directly affected by the war. Girls who were tortured, forced to kill their families, and become wives were given a second chance at hope. The goal of the school was for the women to learn and master skills in tailoring, catering, and so on, so they could continue on and support themselves and take back their lives. Due to many of the girls being wives to the rebels, majority of them had children from being abused in the bush. When having kids it could seem impossible to attend school, but Sister Rosemary saw this as another opportunity. Saint Monica’s Nursery was then built and students were enrolled immediately. The women who attended Saint Monica’s Tailoring Centre could now have their kids in school as well, just a few feet away. Because of Sister Rosemary’s remarkable humanitarian work, women and children were able to reclaim their lives and strive towards normality. Now, years later, both schools are continuing on. The goal was to give women and children an opportunity to earn an education and master skills. Today, Got Your Back is working to continue this goal by giving students at Saint Monica’s Nursery an education as well.


The primary school in Atiak, Uganda just launched its inaugural school year in January of 2019. The school has been in the works for about ten years since the land was bought. Sister Rosemary wanted to start a primary school in Atiak as well, to give more opportunity for children to learn. Connected to the school is an orphanage ran by the Sacred Heart Sisters. The goal is to have those students attend the school when at the appropriate age. The children will have the opportunity to attend school, but without financial support due to a loss of parents, the funding of the school will drop drastically. If the funding is low, then there is limited money to pay teachers and staff, purchase food for the students, and buy material to sew new uniforms. The foundation of this school needs to start on a high note financially so it can progress as the years go on. The location of the school is also very close to Sudanese refugee camps. These camps are full of children in need of an education. Financial burdens are also affecting these families who live in the camps. The sponsorships for these children and the ones of the orphanage can break the cycle of poverty and change a life forever. 

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