Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe is a Ugandan native who is widely recognized due to her amazing humanitarian work. During the war with Jospesh Kony and the LRA, she was a hero who saved thousands from being abducted or murdered. Her bravery was so well recognized that it got the attention of CNN, TIME Magazine, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and much more. In 2014 she was named a CNN Hero as well as landing a spot on TIME Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential People. This was just the beginning of her work being credited. She had multiple interviews with people in the United States talking about her story and bringing awareness to the history of Uganda. Organizations were created to support her, like Pros For Africa and Sewing Hope Foundation. Today she will is now working on her doctorate at the University of Oklahoma. She is a true role model by inspiring others that no matter what your past was, you can always change your future. Her selfless acts are an inspiration for us here at Got Your Back Uganda and we are striving to follow her path and change as many lives as we can. 


Haley is recent college graduate from Kennesaw State University, Georgia, earning a Bachelors in Early Childhood Education and a Masters in Elementary Education. After graduating in December of 2017, she pursed her dream to reach out and give back by giving the gift of education. She was fortunate enough to connect with Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe. With the bravery and passion Sister Rosemary had to make a change, Haley was inspired to do more to help change the world and be the best version of herself for others. Haley was living in Gulu, Uganda volunteering as a Kindergarten Teacher for about a year. With seeing the differences of the United States and Uganda in education, she saw how much of a privilege it is back home. She is now back in the US working as a Second Grade teacher and continuing to connect sponsors and donors with both of GYBU's schools. In Uganda, fees are almost impossible for parents to meet to pay for their children’s schooling. Students miss days to weeks of school because of the lack of funding from their families. This is how the idea of Got Your Back Uganda came to mind. The idea is to have someone’s back, whether it is a donation or sponsoring a child. As Nelson Mandela said, “An education is the most valuable weapon which we can use to change the world”, so lets all be a light for these children and aim to change the world. Everyone deservers the gift of an education and Haley’s goal is to make sure no child is left behind because of fees, and she is confident that the world can be changed, one child at a time. 

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