Happy One Month to Us!

Kindergarten Class - St. Monica's Nursery, Gulu

Happy One Month! Wow, what a month it has been! We are filled with so much love and support because of all of you. Since our launch in February, we have hit huge milestones. We had a few goals to meet for our first month: 10 sponsored students and $1000 in donations. We were able to pass both those goals! We ended up having 11 sponsored students, $1400 in donations, 50+ email subscribers, 350+ followers on our social media, and so much more! We cannot thank you all enough.

Our co-founders have been working extremely hard with matching students to sponsors and drafting plans to have the donations go towards. They have been traveling back and forth between Gulu and Atiak to work with the staff at both schools as well. They cannot thank you enough for all of your love and support for the first month!

Going forward, stay tuned for future events and other ways to get involved! We plan on having a few events in the next couple months or so to raise money for textbooks, more school supplies, employee payments, and so much more!

One month down, and many, many more to go!


Got Your Back Uganda