School Fees are the biggest issue when it comes to obtaining an education in Uganda. Students are missing school for days to weeks at a time because of the lack of funding to pay for school. On average, families have around 6-10 children per household. For even two working parents, that is a lot of money for fees. A lot of time money is scarce, so it is used towards necessities like food and water. Unfortunately, school is not the top priority for survival, but with your help it can be. The school year in Uganda is broken down into three terms, and the academic calendar runs from January to December.


With sponsoring a student, you have the option to pick between our two partnering schools. Included in your payment, you are covering for not only the school fees but the school requirements as well.

For St. Monica's Nursery in Gulu, the students attend school daily. The students all live nearby the school and commute via boda-boda (motorcycle) or walking. Nursery school is vital for being educated because it is the foundation the students will have for all their years to come. This is the time the basics for English and Mathematics are introduced. 

With Sewing Hope Primary School in Atiak, all sponsored students will be boarded. Atiak is about 35 km from the South Sudan border. Due to the conflicts in South Sudan, thousands of Sudanese people are moving to Uganda for safety and opportunity. Around Atiak there are many Sudanese Refugee Camps with hundreds of people seeking hope. Sewing Hope Primary School is the only primary school for many kilometers that is in a safe location from the war as well as offering boarding. We are working to enroll as many of these refugees as we can. On top of the outside boarding students, there is an orphanage connected to the school as well. The goal is to have all these students enrolled in the school an earn the education they deserve. With boarding the students we can ensure the children are fed, staying on top of their studies, and most importantly, in a safe location.



Payment Breakdowns

Nursery School: 

$60/ Term (Includes school supplies, uniforms)

$180/ Year (Includes school supplies, uniforms)

Primary School:

$95/ Term (Includes school supplies, uniforms)

$110/ Term (Includes food, housing, school supplies, uniforms)

$290/ Year (Includes food, housing, school supplies, uniforms)

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