Here at Got Your Back Uganda, we are creating opportunities by providing education for students. Unlike the United States with offering free, public education, Ugandan schools all require school fees. No matter public or private, there is an enrollment fee.  For over 81% of the country this fee is almost too much to afford. The harsh reality is that if a school fee is not met, then the child cannot attend school. Our goal is to connect sponsors and donors to the students of Saint Monica's Nursery and Sewing Hope Primary School. We are working directly with the staff at both schools to connect students to a sponsor and make sure every donation is used in the most beneficial way for the school. We are extremely passionate about education and are working to make sure every child can become a student and earn the education they deserve. By providing education and supplies, we are forming a strong academic foundation that will last a lifetime for these students. We are so excited about the connections that are taking place between students and sponsors, and are ready for you to be a part of the students’ journeys and Got Your Back Uganda!

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